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Inspire creative and imaginative thinking with the ZooBooKoo Storyonics - Amazing Adventure Stories Card Game. With over 200 colourful images children's imaginations will be running wild! Suitable for up to 4 players.

The cards are shared out between the players. The player to go first chooses one image out of the 4 they have in front of them to start a story - the story must be inspired by the chosen image.

The next player must then choose an image from their card and continue the story, ensuring to link it with the previous picture, and repeat. Players interpret images in any way their imagination allows which makes this game great for all ages.

No rules, just creativity and imagination for this fun educational game! Supports the National Literacy Strategy.

Supplied in a neat pack the ZooBooKoo Storyonics are great for keeping kids amused when travelling.

Supplied with a sand timer.

Great for use within the classroom, at home or on the move - infectious fun learning all the time.

Zoobookoo Storyonics - Amazing Adventure Stories

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